November 30, 2009

Dick Art

This past Friday is stumbled upon a live art exhibition by Japanese artist Ly, made possible by the guys at Carve in Costa Mesa. I'm sure none of you are familiar with Ly so let me try and describe her work: 'James Jarvis meets japan's penis obsession'. Think about that scene in Super Bad about drawing penises all day long and now make it real art.

So, in other words

I was really quite in awe of her work and knew immediately that I wanted to purchase one of her pieces. After she completed her 9 piece painting we got to talking (the language barrier would've been a problem if it weren't for my coworker Yuuki helping us to communicate, thanks man!). Turns out she and I are both extreme admirers of Harmony Korine (Writer of the movie Kids) and clearly enjoy the same type of art. Also, her boyfriend ended up being employed by Comme Des Garcons so that made for a lot of interesting small talk as well. All in all, Ly is a sweetheart and very humbling and passionate about her work. After all was said and done, I purchased a piece from the show and am eager to display it on my wall.

More pictures and info after the jump....

Ly will be back in the U.S. in early January for an exhibit in L.A. Rest assured, me and the rest of the gang will be present to show support.

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