November 2, 2009

Booty Booty Booty Rockin' Everywhere

Halloween brings out the whore in everyone. Well, those that are truly whores of course. Sarah and I wandered around Downtown San Diego this Halloween partaking in the festivities. Tons of half clad ladies showing their assets (or lack there of), a bunch of drunks, huge amounts of cops, a plethora of obscenities and all this ass that Sarah so generously captured on her 'kicks-your-camera's-ass' super amazing camera. (I'm now begging her to pursue an upskirt photography career. She's got mad skills)

We procrastinated and half assed our costumes and eventually setlled on "lumberjack and lumberjacky". Weak, we know.

TONS more booty shots after the jump

It wasn't all about the booty though, there were some pretty good costumes.

Best Costume of the Night
"Cast Away" complete with Wilson.

Saw a few of these Hooters guys too.
(Notice the guy's face on the left)

BAM! He got us.

This Michael Jackson impersonator called his costume "Too Soon?"

Note the child on his penis.

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