October 11, 2009

Watts Up

The adventures of randomness took my internet travels to Watts, CA the other day. Naturally, this meant DJ was around (seeing as how he's the only person I've ever known from Watts and probably the only person anyone has ever known from Watts. Unless of course you live INSIDE of Watts.)

Back to the subject at hand; I was searching google images to find gritty images of the ghetto that is Watts when i came across some old 70's photographs, circa the famous Watts Riots, courtesy the LA Times' research database. Just thought I'd share a few with you.

One photo stood out from all the rest, to me at least. This image was gripping to me, and not just because it depicts urban youth prior to them all deciding to have the worst fashion sense ever (yes, I'm talking about "hip hop" clothing). The photo also captures a relic in modern day society, the telephone booth, actually being used. As well as the, then neighborhood staple, Mom and Pop liquor store. (who else spotted the sunglass rack right inside the door?)

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