October 13, 2009

Harmony Korine Back At It

Harmony Korine, for all the uninformed, wrote the screenplay for Kids when he was just 21 years old. He wrote and directed the brilliant indie film classics Gummo, Julien Donkey Boy and Mister Lonely. Harmony sees the world in a completely different light than 99% of earth's population, and that's why his works are masterpieces.

To put it lightly, he thinks so far outside of the box that he wouldn't even put Jack in it to begin with.

Here's a trailer from his recently finished 'Trash Humpers', completely shot with outdated VHS equipment, cause that's just how the genius does things. It's completely awful to say the least. In fact, a lot of his stuff borders on garbage. But unlike Hollywood, he doesn't try to package that garbage up with a pretty ribbon and bow and tell you it's good. And that's why i like him and his work so much.

Bonus Videos:
Here's Harmony on David Letterman back in 1995 completely murdering it with jokes. But, as always, Letterman couldn't sit there and let someone be funnier than him. Oh god no, he had to pipe in with his asinine jokes and upstage the youngster.

So on Harmony's next visit to the douchebag's show, He figured he'd be even weirder and make a mockery of the whole event.

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