October 20, 2009

Gangsters Should Like the Spurs

Gangsters wear black. It's a fact. Dating back to the turn of the century, when the inner city gangster first became prevalent, the color black (or lack there of a color) resembled a dark ominous side, the villain. Passed on from generation to generation of newer, younger, less educated gangsters, the color black stuck as a choice of attire. Sure, certain gangs affiliate with certain colors; the Crips have blue and the Bloods have red (and Grove Street from San Andreas have green). But the solid base color for gangsters has always been the good 'ol black.

Being a gangster, some would say, requires a certain level on 'manliness', machismo if you will. But along with the liquor store robberies, innocent bystander killings, 16 year old groupie rapings and drug dealing comes natural manly deeds that cross all types of men, like protecting your old lady, making money, drinking beer and loving sports. Yes, part of being a man is taking a little pride in your sports teams. So it's only natural that these so called manliest of men, gangsters, also support their beloved sports franchises.

Gangsters wear black and like sports. Which would explain why the worst football franchise over the last 10 years, the Oakland Raiders, have so many loyal fans. Well, that, and the fact that most gangster haven't even realized they left Los Angeles to begin with. Another sports franchise that wears black (with white lettering) is the Chicago White Sox. From the mid 1990's to the turn of the century, the Chicago White Sox were fourth in the league in merchandise sales (only the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves and the Los Angeles Dodgers sold more merchandise) and these figures don't even include the bootleg Starter beanies that EVERY liquor store sold out of. Makes sense right? No, it doesn't, considering the fact that not even people in Chicago bought White Sox gear. Hell, they're all Cubs fans anyways. But apparently all the promotion the White Sox gained from Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy Dogg videos really went a long way.

So we have baseball and football covered and as a side note I'll also remind you that the Los Angeles Kings (yes, a hockey team) was a favorite of gangster for a lengthy period of time until they adapted the color purple in their uniforms. To think, a sport that 99% of urban residents care nothing about was so widely represented by the same demographic is astonishing. So, now we come to basketball. A quick guess would tell us that Gangsters should support the San Antonio Spurs right? They wear black, with white lettering, have no secondary color affiliation, makes perfect sense right? Well apparently not, seeing as how so many so called thugs and gangsters have completely jumped aboard the Los Angeles Laker bandwagon.

The Lakers wear purple and yellow. Yes, the ever so manly purple, and the pansy-ful yellow (they call it gold but don't let them fool you, it's clearly yellow). Seriously? Gangsters have opted for the purple and yellow as opposed to the historically popular black and white. Such a shame, being gangster has gone pussy. Definitely nothing like the old days.

Now THIS is gangster.

This, not so much gangster. Dude just looks like a clown
swimming in his purple and yellow muumuu.
His boy next to him, he's wearing all black, keeping it
real. He's keeping it gangster.

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