October 24, 2009

Build Your Own Halloween Costume

I know, I know, Halloween is only a week away and most of you derelicts and procrastinating lazy asses haven't figured out what you want to be. So my boy Mike took some time away from his busy schedule to help all you bozos out. You can thank him when you're NOT the guy at the party who purchased his costume only hours earlier from Party City. (Hint: You can tell who these dick cheeses are cause their costumes still have fold marks all over them from the ridiculously small packages they were pulled out of)

All of these items were found on the internet (Amazon.com to be precise) since no one really shops at physical stores anymore, So hurry and purchase yours with 3 day delivery.

Zach Galifianakis as Allan from The Hangover
(EVERYONE will know who you are)

Charlie Kelly from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
(only the cool people at the party will know who you are,
so don't count on your aunt and uncle knowing)

Charlie's shirt available here.

Full credit due to Mike Thantrong

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