September 1, 2009

New Balance 999

It's no secret that i love sneakers. I've always been a fan of New Balance for their sleek shape and various styles, yet always a "running shoe". Then everyone started rocking 'em and New Balance, as all companies do, began overproducing donkey shit versions of old time classics. Step ahead to 2009, about 5 years removed from the garbage and New Balance is back at it again producing amazing collabs.

One of my favorite sneaker designers will always be Mita from Japan. Just about every colorway he puts together blows my mind. Not just for it's simplicity but for his attention to detail as well (ie. stitching, material etc.)

Never mind the fact that most of these super limited edition New Balance are concepts of Japan and therefore are almost never made in a size bigger than 11, so i'm always screwed.

Here is the latest work that Mita has done for New Balance. An absolutely amazing 999:

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