September 11, 2009

Lives Forever Changed

Today marks the 8th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. I use the term "anniversary" for lack of a better word, since we're clearly not celebrating anything that happened that day. In fact, everything about that day was horrible. The worst part about 9/11 was the aftermath changes to our everyday life. The permanent restrictions slammed upon our freedoms as a direct result. Media throughout the country led us to believe that it was for our own benefit and would make life safer for all of us but in reality it strongly limited our previously enjoyed conveniences and freedoms. We were blinded by our immediate hatred to a man not directly linked to any country in particular. 99% of Americans had never even heard of Osama Bin Laden, yet we were instructed by talking heads and journalists to despise him and therefore racially profile anyone that resembled him.

All "conspiracy theories" and wrongfully executed media brainwashing aside, many innocent lives were lost and all of our lives were forever changed. Sadly, after only 8 years, it almost seems like America has already 'moved on' and forgotten about the tragedy. Minus a few radio spots and news anchors reminded viewers what today is, I really don't see much mentioning of the historic day. Yet, I'm reminded every single day about Perez Hilton's homosexually driven website and Tila Tequila's newest reality show. Thanks for the 15 minutes of remembrance America.

Anyways, enough rambling....Sage Francis (an extremely intelligent storytelling hip hop artist) captured the unessence (Sarcasm font would be useful here) of the situatiion with his song Makeshift Patriot. Enjoy.

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